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Our brand values


Made by Avril with fabrics that are not damaging to the environment or people, packaged in materials that are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable, with a recommended washing temperature that is also energy conscious. A babaGnu scarf should fit a child up to about 8 years old. If you wash it with care and don't lose it, your child should enjoy it for years!

Child friendly clothing

We believe kids clothes should be practical and fun to wear, allowing a child to enjoy the wearing and express their personality. All the while, leaving them free to get on with the demanding task of being a child; without being hampered by itchiness, cold, overheating or uncomfortableness.

Parent friendly clothing

Fun, bright colours and patterns that easily match with a wide variety of other colours. Peace of mind that your little one is protected from the cold, all the while looking stylish! Easy on, easy off - no wrapping or tying a scarf around the neck, simply pop over the head and go! A babaGnu scarf should last for several years, they are small enough for a child's head and big enough to fit an adult (albeit quite snuggly!)

In less than 33 words, describe a babaGnu scarf!?

High quality children's cotton loop scarves. Colourful, fun, practical and made by a mum in Ireland. 


Keeps little necks cosy, look great are easy to wear and hopefully difficult to lose! 

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